Full Body 100 JD
Total Body130 JD
Under Arm15 JD
Face10 JD
Arms30 JD
Legs40 JD
Back40 JD
Bikini25 JD
Belly40 JD


Botoxfrom 110 to 150 JDs
Fillerfrom 120 to 180 JDs
Mesotherapyfrom 30 to 70 JD
Mesotherapy for sliming60 JD
Mesotherapy for hiar 50 JD
Lips treatment25 JD
Remove warts, skin tades, planter warts
from 20 to 50 JDs
Chemical Peeling from20 JD
Hifu150 JD
Dermatology & Venereology consultation
25 JD

Skin Care:

Face massage15 JD
Face massage " Plus"25 JD
Skin Abrasion by Diamound sand30 JD
Deep Cleaning30 JD
Exfoliation system treatment40 JD
Whitening treatment35 JD
Purifuing treatment35 JD
Ultra Sound session25 JD
Higt Hydration treatment45 JD
Hydra Beauty treatment 35 JD
Carbon Peeling 20 JD
Whitening (gentle areas) full90 JD
* bikini                        35 JD
* elbows                     30 JD
* knees                        30 JD
* under arm                 30 JD